Computer Go Tournaments on KGS

2010 Annual Championship

2010 was an experimental half-year, in which scoring only started in July. It used an unnecessarily complicated, scoring system, as described below.

The winner was Many Faces of Go.

2010: Results

   July    August SeptemberOctober   Slow   NovemberDecemberTotals
Many Faces of Go331665437
GNU Go22

The Scoring System

The scoring system is specified in an Excel spreadsheet, which can be downloaded from scoring.xls. This may be unusable unless you are running Windows or something else capable of handling .XLS files.

To use it, for each tournaments, you calculate

and enter them in cells 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the worksheet for the year, in the column for that tournament.

The worksheet then calculates the cube root of the number of hours, rounds it up to an integer, and multiplies by the board size factor and the number of rounds. This gives a factor "F", which you copy to cell B1 of worksheet "calculator".

Now look for the row that has the number of players in the first column. The bold numbers in columns to the right are the numbers of points awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. place. So if F was 60 and there were 14 players, the points awarded are 8,4,2,1 for the first four places, and none for the rest.

However this is modified if two or more of the players receiving points had the same number of wins and were separated only by tie-break (SOS then SODOS). In this case, each group of players with the same number of wins share the points awarded to them as equally as possible, with remainder points going to the players with the better SOS/SODOS. For example, in August 2010, F was 60 and there were 14 players, so the points awarded were 8,4,2,1. But ManyFaces1 and Erica were tied for second place on 11 wins each, so the 6 points they had earned were shared out equally, each receiving 3 points.


A "player" may use different KGS accounts for different tournaments, so long as the same engine is used. For example ManyFaces1 and ManyFaces2 will be counted as a single player, as will CzechBot and MoGo.

*1: Players who were removed from the tournament before the end, and who played less than half their games, are not counted towards the "number of players".

*2: Any rounds which were added to break ties are not counted.