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Computer Go Tournaments on KGS

General information

In Spring 2005, a series of monthly Computer Go Tournaments started on KGS. The results of past ones and the schedule of future ones are given on this site.

This page gives some details of these tournaments.

Schedule of Tournaments

KGS Computer Go Tournaments will be held about once a month. Those already scheduled are listed here.

Format of Tournaments

Day of the Week

We expect tournaments taking less than one day to be held on Sundays.

Time of Day

Tournament schedules will change from tournament to tournament, in an attempt to accommodate all timezones.

Board Size

We will hold a mixture of 19x19, 13x13, and 9x9 tournaments.

Time Limits

For each board size we plan eventually to usea variety of time systems, to suit different programs.

As the person responsible for the schedule, I prefer Absolute time. With any other system, you can't predict when a round will end, so you can't know when to start the next one. This is not such a big deal with over- the-board tournaments, if one game uses lots of overtime you just keep everyone waiting until they have finished and then draw the next round. But KGS's automated tournament system requires to be told in advance when each round will begin.

For tournaments that take place in a single session, I shall stick with Absolute time. For tournaments played at one round a day, or "around the clock" with generous gaps between rounds, I shall try Canadian overtime. We may need more judges before we run around-the-clock tournaments on KGS.

Pairing System

Tournaments will be Swiss. Swiss.

When the numbers are suitable, it would be better to hold a round-robin tournament. Unfortunately, this is not practicable, as the format cannot be changed once the tournament has been created, and the numbers will not be known until the last minute.


are given on the KGS Computer Go Tournaments Rules page.

I recommend checking the Rules page from time to time, in case there has been a change.

How to Enter

This site gives some guidance on how to enter a KGS Computer Go Tournament, including connecting a Go-playing program to KGS, and kgsGtp and tournament play.

Mainly for my own use: a list of programs which have already registered for at least one KGS Computer Go Tournament.