Hundred and first KGS Computer Go Tournament

Sunday April 7th, 2014

These results also appear on an official KGS page.


format21-round Swiss
board size13×13
time9 minutes plus 10/30s


The first round started at 08:00 UTC.

Result table

Zen19 AyaMC nomiB mpfue NiceG gnugo
W13R B16R W110R B115R W117R W12R B19R W113R B116R W121R B11R W17R B112R W118R W15R B08R W114R B120R W1434½ B11115½ W11916½ 20196188Winner
2AyaMC B03R W06R B010R W015R B017R
W11R B17R W012R B118R W020R W14R B111R W119R B12R W19R B113R W116R W15 B18 W114½ B121 1421896
3nomiBot4 B02R W09R B013R W016R B021R B01R W07R B112R W018R B120R
W05R B18R W114R B115R W14R B111R W119R B0333½ W1612½ B110 W11712½ 1123482
4mpfuego19 W01R B07R W012R B018R B04R W011R B019R B15R W08R B014R W015R
B13R W16R B010R W117R B021R W12 B19 W113 B11611½ W120½ 921140
5NiceGo19N B05R W18R B014R W020R W02R B09R W013R B016R B04R W011R B019R W03R B06R W110R B017R W121R
W1113½ B17 W112 B11511½ W118 821943
6gnugo3pt8 B0434½ W01115½ B01916½ B05 W08 B014½ W021 W1333½ B0612½ W010 B01712½ B02 W09 B013 W01611½ B020½ B0113½ W07 B012 W01511½ B018
In the table above,
   0 is a loss
   1 is a win
   J is jigo
   left superscript is the player's colour
   right superscript is the round in which the game was played
   a subscript shows how the result was determined:
      R for resignation
      T for time
      F for forfeit
      a number for the points difference after counting.
All the 0s, 1s and Js are links to the game record.

Black won 27 games and White won 36.

Five players registered.

To make the numbers even and avoid byes, I included GNU Go, running on a single processor.


When round 1 started, nomiBot4 was having problems connecting to the internet. It was five minutes late in joining its game with AyaMC, which it then lost.

The game window when the game was over and scored
A message window from the KGS server, explaining the score.

In round 3, nomiBot4 played as Black against gnugo3pt8. When both passed, in the position shown to the right, nomiBot 4 was well ahead. They then disagreed about the status of the white group in the upper left corner. Gnugo3pt8 claimed, correctly, that it is alive in seki, while nomiBot4 claimed that it was dead. This should not have affected the result of the game; even if the white group is counted as alive with territory, and the two black stones inside it as dead, Black is ahead by 24½ points. However, because of the disagreement, the game went into the "clean-up phase"; and both players then passed again. So the KGS system counted all the stones on the board as alive, giving White some territory and Black none, as seen in the diagram.

Move 122

In round 8, Zen19S had its only loss, to NiceGo19N. It resigned after NiceGo19N's move 122, shown to the left. This move creates a ko for the life of the upper right white group. Black has no large ko threat, while White has one, at B13 (in fact he has more, with careful play), for the life of Black's upper left corner, so White will win this ko.

Annual points

Players receive points for the 2014 Annual KGS Bot Championship as follows:


Details of processor numbers, power, etc.

Aya, MC version, running on one machine: 980X 3.3GHz 6 cores.
GNU Go, version 3.8, running one thread on one i5-5200 CPU.
Fuego, running on 256 cores (Xeon E7-8837, 2.67GHz) of an SGI UV1000 supercomputer.
oakfoam, running on a mini cluster: i7-2600K + i7-920.
nomitan, running on a cluster of 7 machines (total of 92 cores, with an average frequency of 2.7GHz).
Zen, running on a mini cluster of a dual 10-core Xeon E5-2690 v2@3 GHz 32 GB RAM, a dual 6-core Xeon X5680@4 GHz 24 GB RAM, a dual 6-core Xeon X5680@3.8 GHz 12 GB RAM, a 6-core i7 3930K@3.2 GHz 16 GB RAM. Computers connected via a GbE LAN. 50 cores total.