Hundred and third KGS Computer Go Tournament

Sunday June 1st, 2014

These results also appear on an official KGS page.


format36-round Swiss
board size9×9
time4 minutes plus 10/30s


The first round started at 08:00 UTC.

Result table

Zen19 stv Crazy Fuego AyaMC NiceG gnugo MCark
B022 W110R B014T W118R B123R W128R B131R B032 W062 B011T W11988 B12474 W13030 B13442 B15R W19R B116R W121R B129R W135R W18R B015F W120R B0252 W133R W14R B117R W122R B132R W136R B1116 W11320 B12716 B17T W112R B126R 29678½514Winner
2stv W122 B010R W114T B018R W023R B028R W031R
B11R W192 B11332 W1176 B025R W032R B033R B03R W16R B115R W022R B127R W136R B15R W111R B116R W124R B135R B17R W112R B119R W126R B182 W1214 B1294 W1344 B14R W120R B130R 26689½427
3CrazyStone W132 B162 W111T B01988 W02474 B03030 W03442 W01R B092 W01332 B0176 W125R B132R W133R
B04R W110R B0186 W120R B17R W112R B121R W126R B127R B12R W115R B128R J29 B135R W1522 B11610 W1228 B136R B18R W114T B123R W131R 25½671½396
4Fuego9 W05R B09R W016R B021R W029R B035R W13R B06R W015R B122R W027R B036R W14R B010R W1186 B020R
W12R B014R W128R J31 W032R W18R B111R W123R B024R W130R W176 B11212 W1192 B1266 W1336 B11R W113R B117R W125R B134R 20½647249
5AyaMC B08R W115F B020R W1252 B033R W05R B011R W016R B024R W035R W07R B012R W021R B026R W027R B02R W114R B028R J31 B132R
W11R J6 W113R B018R W034R B1422 W192 B1176 W1238 B1304 B13R W110R B119R W122R B129T W136R 18634½184
6NiceGo19N B04R W017R B022R W032R B036R W07R B012R W019R B026R W02R B015R W028R J29 W035R B08R W011R B023R W124R B030R B01R J6 B013R W118R B134R
B136 W1108 B11412 W1202 B12516 W13114 B15R W19R B116R W021R B127R W133R 15628½111½
7gnugo3pt8 W0116 B01320 W02716 W082 B0214 W0294 B0344 B0522 W01610 B0228 W036R B076 W01212 B0192 W0266 B0336 W0422 B092 W0176 B0238 W0304 W036 B0108 W01412 B0202 W02516 B03114
W026 B16T W0116 B115T W0182 B124T W02824 B132T W135T 5620½25
8MCark W07T B012R W026R W04R B020R W030R W08R B014T W023R B031R W01R B013R W017R B025R W034R W03R B010R W019R B022R W029T B036R W05R B09R W016R B121R W027R B033R B126 W06T B1116 W015T B1182 W024T B12824 W032T B035T
In the table above,
   0 is a loss
   1 is a win
   J is jigo
   left superscript is the player's colour
   right superscript is the round in which the game was played
   a subscript shows how the result was determined:
      R for resignation
      T for time
      F for forfeit
      a number for the points difference after counting.
All the 0s, 1s and Js are links to the game record.

Black won 68 games, White won 72, and there were 3 jigoes.

Seven players registered. To make the numbers even and avoid byes, I included GNU Go, running on a single processor.


This was an exciting tournament. Several programs were serious contenders for first place until near the end.

In round 1, CrazyStone was having problems, and was temporarily running on its operator's laptop and using the wrong settings. It joined its game with stv with only 100 seconds left on its clock, and lost the game.

In round 2, CrazyStone was still running on its operator's laptop with the wrong settings. It joined its game with NiceGo19N with 185 seconds left on its clock, and won.

In round 3 CrazyStone was running correctly on its 24-core server, and beat Zen19S.

Before round 4, Zen19S's operator changed its opening book.

MCark vs gnugo3pt8
Move 58

In round 6 MCark, with only 8 seconds left on its clock against gnugo3pt8, played move 58 in the position shown to the right. If instead it had played at a4, or passed, it would have won the game. But after the move shown, the game continued for another 8 (pointless) moves, then both players passed. Gnugo3pt8 marked the dead stones correctly, and if MCark had agreed it would have won. But it mismarked its own dead stones as alive, and the game entered the clean-up phase, during which it lost on time.

In round 11, Zen19S connected late, with only 80 seconds left, for its game with CrazyStone. It immediately disconnected again, and lost on time.

In rounds 12 and 13, Zen19S was present throughout its games with MCark and gnugo3pt8, and won both.

In round 14, Zen19S was absent throughout its game with stv, and lost on time.

stv vs CrazyStone
Move 37

In round 17, CrazyStone played move 37 against stv as shown to the left. This cannot be a good move. Admittedly, it is going to lose whatever it does.

Fuego9 vs CrazyStone
Move 35

In round 18, CrazyStone played move 35 against Fuego9 as shown to the right. c2 must be a better move, though Black's position is probably still hopeless

Annual points

Players receive points for the 2014 Annual KGS Bot Championship as follows:

Crazy Stone3

Details of processor numbers, power, etc.

Aya, MC version, running on one machine: 980X 3.3GHz 6 cores.
Crazy Stone, running on a 24-core server
Fuego, running on a 12 core Xeon X5670@2.93GHz
GNU Go, version 3.8, running one thread on one i5-5200 CPU.
MC_ark, running on a Xeon E5-2450 2.10GHz 8core HT on*2cpu.
oakfoam, probably running on a mini cluster: i7-2600K + i7-920.
Steenvreter, running on an AMD system with 46 threads at 2.2Ghz.
Zen, running on a mini cluster of a dual 10-core Xeon E5-2690 v2@3 GHz 32 GB RAM, a dual 6-core Xeon X5680@4 GHz 24 GB RAM, a dual 6-core Xeon X5680@3.8 GHz 12 GB RAM, and a 6-core i7 3930K@3.2 GHz 16 GB RAM. Computers connected via a GbE LAN. 50 cores total.