Hundred and twenty-fifth KGS Computer Go Tournament

Sunday August 7th, 2016

These results also appear on official KGS pages, for the Formal division and the Open division


format20-round Swiss
board size13×13
time9 minutes plus 10/30s


The first round started at 08:00 UTC.

Results table, Formal division

Zen19 AyaMC ManyF gnugo
W13R B15R W17R B010R W113R B015R W117R B020R B01F W14R B18R W111R B114R W118R W1242½ B1633½ W1910½ B11229½ W11626½ B11945½ 16174120Winner
2AyaMC B03R W05R B07R W110R B013R W115R B017R W120R
B12R W1618½ B19R W11218½ B116 W11912½ W11 B1423½ W1830½ B111 W11410½ B11821½ 15182102
3ManyFaces1 W11F B04R W08R B011R W014R B018R W02R B0618½ W09R B01218½ W016 B01912½
W1326½ B15 W1710½ B110T W11326½ B11537½ W11712½ B12047½ 918616
4gnugo3pt8 B0242½ W0633½ B0910½ W01229½ B01626½ W01945½ B01 W0423½ B0830½ W011 B01410½ W01821½ B0326½ W05 B0710½ W010T B01326½ W01537½ B01712½ W02047½

Excluding forfeited games, Black has won 16 games and White 23.

Results table, Open division

Tium matil
B11T W12T B13T W14T B05F W16R B17R W18R B19R W110T B111R W012 B013½ W014F B115R W116T B117R W118R B019 W020T 1412084Winner
2matilda W01T B02T W03T B04T W15F B06R W07R B08R W09R B010T W011R B112 W113½ B114F W015R B016T W017R B018R W119 B120T

Excluding forfeited games, Black won 9 games and White won 9.


Three players registered for the Formal division and two for the less demanding Open division. One of the Open division entrants was Tium, a new player to these events, created by the MUC Go computer game Team (小邓).


In round 1, Zen19X did not appear, and lost on time to ManyFaces1. Matilda lost on time to Tium, in a won position.

In round 2, Zen19X was connected in time for the start of its game with gnugo3pt8, which it won. Matilda again lost on time to Tium.

In round 3, matilda lost on time again.

After round 3 I changed gnugo3pt8 to use a faster setting, level 19 instead of level 20.

In round 4, Tium initially failed to join its game with matilda, because it had started a 19x19 game with a human player. When that game ended, Tium joined its tournament game, 3⅓ minutes late. But matilda lost on time again.

In round 5, Tium again failed to join its game with matilda because it was in a game with a human player. It lost its tournament game on time, while still playing the human.

In round 7, Tium again joined its tournament game with only five seconds of its first overtime period remaining. It still achieved a won position, and matilda (with one move to make in one second of overtime) resigned.

In round 13, while I was unable to watch the games, matilda and Tium finished their game with Tium, as White, half a point ahead. The game was scored correctly, but somehow did not end regularly.

In round 14, matilda and Tium finished their game with matilda, as Black, about ten points ahead. It appeared that the players agreed on the score and the counts were displayed, but the game did not end, and matilda reconnected repeatedly. I eventually "killed" the game, allowing the players' round 15 game to start.

ManyFaces1 vs gnugo3pt8
Move 46

In round 18, ManyFaces1 played the marked move in the diagram to the right, in its game with gnugo3pt8. This move on the 1-line is clearly not good, though it did not put its game with a much weaker opponent in danger. ManyFaces1 had been trained using 19×19 games, and not tested on 13×13 boards.

Annual points

Players receive points for the 2016 Annual KGS Bot Championship as follows:

Many Faces of Go3

Details of processor numbers, power, etc.

Aya, running on a Xeon W3680 3.3GHz 6 cores, with a GTX 980.
GNU Go, version 3.8, running one thread on one i5-5200 CPU.
Many Faces of Go, running on Core i7-4790 (4 cores, 8 threads) 3.6 GHz, no GPU, using an 18 layer deep neural net.
matilda running on an Intel i5-3350P, 7 GiB RAM.
Tium, running on one processor.
Zen, running on a dual 10-core Xeon E5-2690 v2@3.0 GHz/32 GB RAM +n Vidia GTX-960.