Thirty-seventh KGS Computer Go Tournament

Sunday April 7th 2008

These results also appear on official KGS pages: Formal Division, Open Division which link to the game records.


 Formal divisionOpen division
format12-round Swiss9-round Swiss
board size9×913×13
time8 minutes absolute13 minutes absolute


The first round started at 08:00 UCT for the Formal and 08:05 for the Open division.


As usual, the tournament was held in two divisions, Formal and Open, with more restrictive entry conditions for the Formal division.

Formal Division   9×9


Open Division   13×13


The numbers in these tables do not add up as you might expect. One reason for this is that these numbers include a point assigned for each bye. Another may be that they include wins against players which were removed in the early stages of the event and which are not listed.

The "real" names of the bots listed above, and of their programmers, are listed here: programs which have registered for KGS Computer Go Tournaments.

As last month, no "official" MoGo entered, so I allowed CzechBot, Petr Baudiš's build of MoGo, to enter.

AyaMC and AyaMC2 were Aya, running on unknown platforms.
CzechBot was MoGo (with pondering enabled) running on a 2x2.5GHz A64 4800+.
FirstGoBot was FirstGoBot, running on a Pentium 4, 2.67Ghz.
GNU was GNU Go, running on one core of a dual core AMD Athlon 64 processor running at 2.2 GHz.
HBotSVN was HouseBot, running on an Intel Pentium Dual Core T2330.
MonteGNU was GNU Go with UCT enhancements, running on one core of a dual core AMD Athlon 64 processor running at 2.2 GHz.
pachi was Pachi, running on a 1x2.2GHz A64 4400+.
stv was Steenvreter, running on an Intel quad core (Q6600).
valkyria was Valkyria, running on a single processor Pentium M, 1.4 Ghz.

Formal division

There were five entrants, so byes were necessary.

In round 4, MonteGNU, GNU, and their operator gunnar, all vanished from the server when their cable modem lost its connection. MonteGNU lost its game against valkyria by default.

valkyria vs. AyaMC
The position after move 31.
In round 5, MonteGNU was still missing, and forfeited its game with pachi.
     AyaMC played the move shown on the right in its game against valkyria. This seems strange to me, as it obviously does not work. But maybe AyaMC realised that it had no way of winning.

In round 6 MonteGNU had a bye, so its absence did not matter. It reappeared before the end of the round.

In its round 9 hgame with stv, pachi played out a simple losing ladder, and lost the game.

Open division

SimpleBot, IdiotBot and WeakBot50k had registered, but did not appear. I removed IdiotBot and WeakBot50k before the start of round 2, and left SimpleBot in to keep the numbers even.

In round 2, GNU played a stone against the absent SimpleBot, and then vanished itself (as mentioned above). But it was SimpleBot's move, so GNU was credited with the win.

In round 3, GNU was still absent, so its opponent AyaMC2 scored a win against it.

In round 4, GNU reappeared eight minutes after the game started, and was able to kill all of HBotSVN's stones.

In round 6, GNU was again playing HBotSVN. GNU suffered another disconnection, causing it to spend 8 of its remaining 10½ minutes on its move 26. This somehow upset HBotSVN's time management, and its move 27 was particularly poor. Its move 29 was unremarkable, but its moves 31 and 33 were both passes. It then crashed on its move 35, and lost on time.

In round 7 HBotSVN was still absent. As its owner was asleep, there was little chance of its being relaunched, so I removed it from the event; I also removed the absent SimpleBot, to keep the numbers even.