The 3rd British Synchron-Skat Tournament

The third British Synchron-Skat Tournament was held in The Fishes, North Hinksey, Oxford on Saturday November 18th 2001.

Nine players took part, as three tables each of three players. Four sessions were played, each of twelve boards. Play started at 13:30, and finished soon before 19:00. The winner was Patrick Phair. Other players are listed below. Tournament director was Nick Wedd.

Once more, John McLeod's spreadsheet greatly simplified the scoring.

The results:

Simple summary
In full, with all hands and deals, thanks to Patrick Phair
Summary spreadsheet for download
Full spreadsheet for download, thanks to Patrick Phair.

Player's nameScore after session 1Cumulative score after session 2Cumulative score after session 3Cumulative score after session 4Final position
Patrick Phair42098370.310474.314601.71
Noel Leaver214611810278.710226.32
John McLeod234.72-8664110216.33
Christa Senst0-2602-300.7611.71046.34
Jonathan Madden4544-49.76-737-136.75
Günther Senst2516117.36-255.37-3196
Graham Parlett4264.74211.762726-4.77
David Parlett0-299.32-2622-399.34-2988
Jon Shepherd0-682-1192-3504-332.29

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