The 1st British Synchron-Skat Tournament

The first British Synchron-Skat Tournament was held in Freuds Café, Walton Street, Oxford on Saturday March 24th 2001.

Nine players took part, as three tables each of three players. Four sessions were played, three of twelve boards and one of nine boards. The winner was Matthew Macfadyen. Other players are listed below. Tournament director was Nick Wedd.

The running of the tournament was made very easy by the use of an Excel spreadsheet written by John McLeod. This spreadsheet automatically accumulates the results from each session, and allocates the players to tables for the next session.

The results:

Player's nameScore after session 1Cumulative score after session 2Cumulative score after session 3Cumulative score after session 4Final position
Matthew Macfadyen41926178.71043714559.31
John McLeod2-8.36130.310349.714453.72
Alan Trangmar21872-526308.710340.33
Jon Shepherd2-27.74102.7621883004
Graham Parlett0-71.34686136.3879.75
Patrick Phair479.78261.78-147.78-1856
David Parlett4238.34-31.3617.36-48.37
Jonathan Madden0-210.70-3360-670.72-6658
Sue Paterson0-3792-3222-648.72-834.79

The hands

The individual hands, with the contracts made and lost on them, are listed:

If you notice any errors, such as a deal which does not include exactly 32 distinct cards, please let me know.

Discussion of the deals

I was surprised at the variety of contracts on the same hands. In only nine of the 45 deals, all three declarers chose the same trump suit; and only two deals resulted in no swing, all three declarers making the same score. These were deals 2.6 and 2.9. In the latter there was no play, Null Hand Ouvert was solid.

Six hands were passed out, but no hand was passed out at more than one table.

The biggest swing, of 480 points, was on hand 3.9. All three declarers chose to play in Grand. One went Hand and also made Schneider; another went Hand and announced Schneider, but failed to make Schneider.

Other results.
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