The 1st Blackbird Skat Tournament

On Saturday August 25th, we were scheduled to have a Skat tournament in the Young Chelsea, organised by Maria Gragert. Eight players arrived on the doorstep, including new player Sabine Barz. However the barmaid thought we were playing the next day, so we had no access to the bar, or, worse, the playing tables. Everyone was therefore re-welcomed at the nearest pub, The Blackbird.

We played four rounds, two of 24 boards, and two of 20, with the hands being dealt at the table. Scores were fairly level at halfway, with a number of players having one good and one bad round. the exception was Tom with a total of 1631, over 700 ahead of second place Beate, but he had his bad session in round three and was dragged back into the peloton. Maria took over the lead with the best session score of the day, 931 in just 20 boards, but was overtaken in the final session by the eventual winner, Mike.

Prize list:

1st place: Mike Tobias, 2005
2nd place: Tom Harloff, 1875
Hand won against most matadors: Patrick Phair, without 6
Best session (no prize): Maria Gragert, 931 (20 boards)

Patrick's 'without 6'


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