The First Holly Bush Skat Tournament

The first Holly Bush Skat Tournament was held on Saturday December 21st, 2019. The organiser was Nick Wedd.

We had nine players, and chose (on a vote by the players) to use a Swiss-style format in which the players move to a higher or lower table according to their results so far.

    Round 118 boards   Round 218 boards   Round 318 boards   Round 4 boards   Total
Name table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      MPdiff
Will Brooks 324272-69⅔ 233914210⅔ 239824395 123994178⅔ 14714⅔
John McLeod 334834446⅓ 119032-53⅔ 122632-3 135174108⅓ 12498
Nick Wedd 216344189⅔ 12269432⅔ 11363472⅔ 115350-31⅔ 12263⅓
Jonathan Madden 226584161⅓ 133062125⅔ 13600213 232710-137⅔ 8162⅓
Mark Dunn 124050-91⅔ 3110784121⅓ 22305439 221210-99⅓ 8-30⅔
Patrick Phair 113722-72⅓ 222201-16⅓ 211700-120⅓ 31609442⅓ 7-166⅔
Beth Knight 13-1602-196⅔ 218890-67⅔ 31338247⅔ 215562-10⅔ 6-227⅓
Alban Forster 313270-117⅓ 322201-16⅓ 322300-36 321412-79⅓ 3-249
Robin Knight 23-2130-249⅔ 33-1560-336⅓ 331790-408 33438229⅓ 2-964⅔

Patrick Phair found numerous errors in the scoring, and two serious errors in the transcription from the scoresheets to the computer by Nick Wedd. After correcting for these, the true results were

114John McLeod
212Will Brooks
312Nick Wedd
410Jonathan Madden
58Mark Dunn
67Patrick Phair
74Beth Knight
84Robin Knight
91Alban Forster


For the first two places there were prizes of malt whisky and chocolate. There was a "best session diff" prize of red wine, for the best score in any one session, exlcuding those who had already received prizes, won by Nick Wedd; and a prize of a pack of German-suited Skat cards for a contract made "against five", won by Beth Knight.

The players liked The Holly Bush as a venue. The management went out of their way to accommodate us, even though it was a very busy Saturday in the week before Christmas. We look forward to haviung more such events there, probably on in February and one in May 2020.

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