The 2nd Holly Bush Synchron-Skat Tournament

A Synchron-Skat tournament was held in the Holly Bush on Saturday April 16th 2022, Easter Saturday. There were six players, so we used our fixed six-player movement. The organiser was Nick Wedd.

For the first two round we played 18 boards as two tables of three. This took slightly longer than expected, so we reduced it to 15 boards for the two final sessions, so as to be sure of finishing by 19:00, when two players had an commitment elsewhere.

    Round 118 boards   Round 218 boards   Round 315 boards   Round 4 boards   Total
Name table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      MPdiff
Nick Wedd 115752195 11730-52 11549225.5 1154274 6242½
Mike Hawkins 23274-80 135062131 126202163.5 21-94-74 4140½
John McLeod 13434280 12272-54½ 21498-25½ 22574242 442
Robin Knight 21185-195 22381254½ 23480245½ 13514-3 4-98
Jonathan Madden 12451-178½ 21834252 22293-163½ 2352023 4-287
Beth Knight 228082178½ 23244-131 13389-45½ 12490-42 2-40

The winners received prizes of crème de cassis and sweet white wine; and there were prizes of chocolate and beer for the two players not yet having won prizes who had the best single-session diffs.

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