The 1st Bloomsbury Tavern Synchron-Skat Tournament

A Synchron-Skat Tournament was held in the Bloomsbury Tavern on Saturday March 15th 2008. At the start of the first round, only seven players were present, including Thomas Fetzer, who was a newcomer to these events but an experienced skat player, and the organiser Nick Wedd. For the first round we played 21 boards as two tables of three. This was interrupted by lunch, as the pub preferred to serve us soon after noon, before their kitchens became busy. After the first round John McLeod had to leave, so Nick Wedd joined in and we played a second session of 21 boards as two tables of three. After this, Thomas Fetzer also had to leave, so only five players remained, not enough for a Synchron event. We therefore declared the Synchron tournament over and held the prizegiving. Uwe Greiner also left, and those who remained played ordinary non-Synchron skat.

    Round 1   Round 2   Total
Name table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      MPdiff
Patrick Phair 137612149.0 13621220.0 4169.00
Thomas Fetzer 216622348.0 111940-116.5 2231.50
Nick Wedd   12653294.0 294.00
John McLeod 12728234.0   234.00
Uwe Greiner 234630-149.0 214272116.5 2-32.50
Mike Tobias 226600-34.0 235810-20.0 0-54.00
Roland Gebicke 11-340-348.0 224650-94.0 0-442.00

The winners received prizes of malt whisky and chocolates.

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