The 3rd Kite Skat Tournament

The 3rd Kite Skat tournament was held on Saturday May 26th, 2012. The organiser was John McLeod.

When we started, there were 6 players, as well as the organiser. We played 21 boards as two tables of three before lunch, then another 21 boards as two tables of three after lunch,

Then Zack left, so John joined in, and we played two more sessions as two tables of three.

    Round 121 boards   Round 221 boards   Round 318 boards   Round 4 boards   Total
Name table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      MPdiff
Mark Dunn 127642173.0 121172100.5 115770-23.0 123202308.5 6559.00
Robin Knight 112120-302.0 2363821.5 22485248.0 21546269.5 6-183.00
Mike Tobias 1320-141.5 21724235.0 21623223.0 133620-111.0 4-194.50
Zack Lim 218162302.0 116540-35.0     2267.00
John McLeod     133762256.0 114070-69.5 2186.50
Simon Pitches 232852141.5 136350-1.5 123890-48.0 22-2970-308.5 2-216.50
Beth Knight 224180-173.0 22-840-100.5 23-1360-256.0 235842111.0 2-418.50


The winners received prizes of port, red wine, chocolates and more chocolates. One of these was a special prize for the best "diff" within a single session. It was won by Mark with a diff of 308½ in session four; but as he had already received the first prize, he chose not to accept it, and it went to Zack for his session one diff of 302.

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