The 7th Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

We welcomed 10 players to the Lancaster Hall Hotel, plus organiser Mike Tobias. We played as three tables of 3 with Patrick Phair as a floating 4th player, each session consisting of 20 boards, with each player playing 18. All hands were dealt at the tables.

Not for the first time, the tournament was totally dominated by Patrick Phair. He won all 4 sessions, increasing his score every time, and won by a complete session; his score after 3 rounds would have been enough to win. His eventual total of 3496 is by far the highest we've had.

Second place was well deserved, Alban Forster played 4 consistent rounds between 518 and 664, ending up with a score that would have won on another day, and Beate Schmolinski was third, also exceeding 2,000pts

The prize for the hand won against the most tops wasn't won, but full credit to Andy Mawhinney for attempting a 'without 5' on the final hand of the day.

Highest hand score was a 168 by Beate, but as she had an award already, the fourth prize went to Robin Knight for defeating the most contracts, 11.



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