The 15th Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

We welcomed eight players to our May tournament, including new player Mo Ali. As this would mean four-player tables, and players only playing three-quarters of hands dealt, we decided to play just two sessions to fit in more boards, and played 40 per session.

The first session saw Stef take a substantial lead with 1129pts, Alban languish at the bottom with -34, with everyone else clumped together between 632 and 827. But Stef only just held on in the second half, winning by just 9pts from Maxine who'd come from almost 500pts adrift in seventh place, and Mike and Beth who also scored heavily. In the end, only 61pts separated first and fourth.

The accompanying stats will show that despite Maxine's second half charge, it was defence that won out, both Stef and Maxine playing below average numbers of hands, but only losing once each and defeating more contracts than everyone else.

Results table

Statistics table

Other results.
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