The 18th Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

We welcomed nine people to the YMCA for our first tournament of 2016. The seating was arranged so that everyone played everyone else over the four sessions, and when Maxine arrived for the second half, she made up a floating fourth player in the final two rounds, so that the original seating plan wasn't disrupted.

Mike was the overall winner with four consistent rounds, scoring between 609 and 797 each time. Martin fell off in the final session to come second, with Frederik in third place.

The prize for best session was won by Frederik with 863 in round 2, Andy just failing to catch him with 848 in the final round. Frederik also took the prize for the hand won against the most matadors, winning a 'without 6' on his first hand of the day.

Prizes were malt whisky, chocolates and rum and raisin punch.

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