The 20th Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

We welcomed seven players to the Lancaster Hall Hotel, including organiser, Mike Tobias.

We played four rounds, with the cards dealt at the table. In the first round we played 21 boards with Mike making up a floating fourth player alternating between the two tables, but this didn't work very well, so he dropped out and we played the final three sessions as two tables of three, 18 boards per session.

Beate was the winner with four consistent rounds, totalling 2010, Frederik coming second and Chris third.

Prizes of malt whisky and wine were awarded for first and second place, with Frederik also taking a box of chocolates for the highest hand, Grand Hand with four, making schwartz for 168pts.

Best session scores (no prize) were 725 (Chris) and 703 (Mo)

Scores and some stats below. Unusually, the player who played the most hands, and who also won the most - Hadi - finished last, (because he also lost the most), and Mo, who was second in all those categories was third last. On the other hand, the two who played the fewest, Frederik and Beate, finished second and first.

Other results.
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