The 24th Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

We welcomed 13 people to our first tournament of 2017, including Michael Wachowiak, Heike Weicher and Alex Malling, all from Denmark. Organiser Mike Tobias sat out to allow four tables of three. We played four sessions of 18 boards each, with the hands dealt at the table, and a small fifth session of 9 boards with players seated according to their position on the leaderboard: top three on table 1 etc.

Four consistent rounds from Alban Forster gave him a lead going into the final session, which he held on to despite going off three times, with Chris Beesley overtaking Martin Dachsel for second place by just 7pts. Overall Alban played 39 of the 81 hands dealt to him, whereas by contrast, Martin in third and Alex in fourth place played only 20 and 18 respectively.

The top three players also played the best three sessions between them, so they each won prizes. Two hands qualified for the hand won against most matadors (min: without 5): Michael won a game without 5 in the third session, but Mike Hawkins played and won one without eight in the same session.

Prize winners took home whisky, brandy, wine and chocolates.



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