The 26th Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

We welcomed eight people to the Lancaster Hall Hotel for our May tournament. We therefore had two tables of four, playing 24 boards before lunch, and three sessions of 20 boards afterwards, with the cards being dealt at the table.

It was mainly a tale of three session scores: Mike Tobias, the eventual winner, scored almost half his points (899) in round three, moving from 6th place to 2nd, closely behind Mike Hawkins who'd been scoring consistently. In the final round, Beate Schmolinsky also went from 6th to 2nd (699) with a swing of more than 1000pts over Mike Hawkins (-362) who dropped from 1st to 6th. Mo Ali was the only player not to lose a hand and he finished third.

Winners took home bottles of gin and of raspberry liqueur, and a box of chocolates.



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