The 34th Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

We welcomed 9 players to the Lancaster Hall Hotel for our September tournament. John McLeod was only available in the morning, so we played 21 boards at three tables of three, and 20 boards at two tables of four in the afternoon sessions.

With prizes for highest total score, best session, and hand won against most tops (min without 5) or highest hand, John left us after his one session with the potential for two of them: best session 828, and a Grand Hand Schneider announced worth 192. We were saved that embarrassment in session 2 by Alban Forster recording a win without 5, and Mike Tobias and Maxine Etkin's session scores of 987 and 914. We also had the rarity of two Schneider announced games, Maxine winning one in session 3.

Mike and Maxine were tied for the lead at halfway on 1662, but Maxine remained consistent, finishing with 2915, while Mike came to a standstill, 1887 and was well beaten for second place by Mo Ali, the only other player to score over two thousand, 2254.

As organiser, Mike didn't take the session prize, awarding it instead to Mo for his second place overall.

Winners took away prizes of mead, ouzo and chocolates, along with a trophy for the winner.

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