The 42nd Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

We welcomed 11 players to our first tournament of 2020. Organiser Mike Tobias sat out to allow three tables of three with a floating player in seat 4 at each table in turn, and we played four sessions of 20 boards.

Beate Schmolinski led after the first session with 873pts, which remained the highest session score, but Alban Forster established a lead of around 350pts after the second round. The third session saw Alban implode and it finished with seven players between 1401 and 1590, but Rob townsend saved his best till last and ended up a comfortable winner with 2350pts ahead of Alban's 1922, Beate tieing for third with Michael Wachowiak on 1848.

Special mention should go to Alban who was declarer in 38 of the 72 hands he was dealt, winning 30 of them. The next highest number of games played was 25.

Prizes were awarded for 1st and 2nd places (Rob and Alban), best session score (Beate's 873) and highest individual hand score, 168 by both Mo Ali and Michael Wachowiak, Mo generously allowing Michael to take the prize.

Michael could have won it outright, as his winning hand of Grand Hand with 2, Schneider announced making Schwartz, would have succeeded as a Grand Ouvert. In Middlehand he held:

J. C S D
S. A 10 K
H. A 10 K 9
Grand Schneider is probably the correct bid on a percentage basis, but how many shots at Grand Ouvert do you get? The controversy rages!

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