The 44th Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

Our first London tournament for almost two years was a great success, attracting ten players of whom five were taking part in a British Skat Association tournament for the first time. It was also Mike Hawkins’ first attempt at directing one. There was clearly a lot of pent-up demand for playing competitive (but friendly) Skat in person after so long relying on online games.

The format was freely dealt hands. We played 7 rounds for the first session and 6 for for the second, as two players were only able to make the early sessions. To catch up on time later on we played 4 rounds in each of the last two sessions, but still finished rather than later than planned.

It was a closely fought contest between John McLeod and Martin Dachsel, with John triumphing by a mere 59 points in the end. Alban Forster came a gallant third, having been in the running since the first session.

John took away a bottle of Irish whiskey for his troubles, Martin found it hard to resist the chocolates, leaving Alban with a nice bottle of Italian red wine.

It was great to see several players participating who were either relatively new to Skat or have recently discovered our Skat group in London, which bodes well for our future tournaments.

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