The 46th Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

Our May tournament was a great success, with 10 players over three tables, including three new players and two returning to play their first live tournament since Covid. It resulted in a photo finish, with any of the top five in with a shout at the end of the third session. By chance, the top 3 at that point ended up on the same table for the final session, where Harry Latham and Torsten Sauer both scored 402 and Mike Hawkins scored 354 having been the only one of the three to lose a game on that table. As a result, Torsten emerged victorious over Harry overall, with Mike in third and Mark Jenking-Rees only 14 points behind in fourth place.

Torsten’s victory was particularly impressive considering that he missed the first session due to flight delays! He chose some platinum jubilee-themed shortbread as his prize, Harry snapped up the port, Mike took home a bottle of red wine, and Peter Gladstone won himself some Swiss chocolates for the best session score from players outside the top 3. His final session score of 669 was notable for a Grand Schneider announced.

Results table


Stats table



Torsten S Harry L Mike H Peter G

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