The 47th Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

Since there were 6 players, and 5 sessions of 12 boards each were played. Although it is not perfect, this seems the fairest movement for this number since it allows each player to be compared with each of the other 5 players.

There were prizes for the top 3 players and a 4th prize for the player other than those who had the best session score. They had a choice of white port, red wine, chocolates and a chorizo sausage.

The winner, Torsten, chose the sausage, Martin, who was second took the red wine and Mike picked up the port as third prize, leaving the chocolates for Ioanna, who won the session prize for her excellent result in session 1, in which she was dealt 12 bad hands and won by not bidding any of them.

Mike took pictures of the other three prizewinners - see below.

Results table

    Round 112 boards   Round 212 boards   Round 312 boards   Round 412 boards   Round 512 boards   Total
Name table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      MPdiff
Torsten Sauer 21298226.0 223440-2.5 234172135.0 137562261.0 12780-150.0 6269.50
Martin Dachsel 226702119.5 23321261.5 131470-135.0 1200-40.0 21238242.5 648.50
Mike Hawkins 23-4820-261.0 131980-61.5 12430282.5 21382290.0 223782150.0 60.00
Ioanna Georgiou 13402261.0 1234922.5 21400-131.5 2280240.0 23770-178.5 6-6.50
Gustavo Schafaschek 124310-119.5 21332256.0 222650-82.5 232340-261.0 134342178.5 4-228.50
Mark Jenking-Rees 112460-26.0 112200-56.0 113032131.5 112020-90.0 111530-42.5 2-83


Torsten S Martin D Ioanna G

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