The 48th Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

Our September tournament was a small-scale affair with four players on one table, but it made for a very relaxed and fun afternoon. We agreed to play three sessions of six rounds, making 72 hands in all.

Torsten Sauer set the pace with a storming first session, finishing off with a Grand Hand Schneider announced. Mike Hawkins clung on in there in second place behind Torsten in session 2 after lunch. Session 3 was an exciting finale, with Alban Forster coming through in emphatic style whilst Torsten suffered a number of defeats, and it looked like Alban had ousted Torsten for second place. But Torsten hung on in second place by 9 points once he was given due reward for an extra enemy defeat in the first session which had been missed on the day. Mike Hawkins took the first prize of a bottle of Bordeaux, Alban took home some chocolates and Mike will present Torsten with his second place prize next time he is in London! Well done to Saskia for putting up with the lousiest hands dealt all afternoon.

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