The 49th Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

Our November duplicate tournament attracted the dreaded eleven entries, which meant that two of us needed to sit out the first round, including Mike Tobias who was making his long-awaited return to live tournaments after over two and a half years. But after Hadi Kermani and Konstantin Mack's departure at lunch, we settled down to three tables with everyone taking part.

Konstantin in fact won the first session, but the eventual winner, Martin Dachsel, and runner-up Miriam Wagner, were already doing well with 4 MPs each. Martin continued to win 4 MPs per session until the final session when Miriam fought back to win 4 MPs herself, equalling Martin's 12 MPs. But Martin prevailed with a better overall difference of 332 against Miriam's 236.

They took home prizes of a bottle of Jameson and some chocolates, with third placed Rob Townsend picking up a bottle of wine for his session difference of 163 from the first of the day.

There were some truly surprising scores in the last two sessions where one would not have known that the same hands were being played on the tables! I hope to dig in to some of the swing deals to see what was going on, and will add further colour here when I have it.

Results table

    Round 118 boards   Round 218 boards   Round 315 boards   Round 415 boards   Total
Name table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      MPdiff
Martin Dachsel 225564112 121974155 117264177⅔ 111620-112⅓ 12332⅓
Miriam Wagner 214644180⅔ 113942-102 232222-77⅓ 125294234⅓ 12235⅔
Rob Townsend 114462162⅔ 135684128⅔ 12990-163 23482453⅔ 10182
Saskia Ottignon 123700-74 32-710-113 334564156⅔ 31356481⅔ 851⅓
Ioanna Georgiou 233032-199 313370-159 324024140 21305230⅔ 8-187⅓
John McLeod 324062-38 217574261 132200-79⅓ 133340-94⅓ 649⅓
Mike Tobias   2202-42 22285223 222372-57⅔ 6-76⅔
Konstantin Mack 339224420       4420
Mark Jenking-Rees 132810-221 334162-23⅓ 313770-171⅓ 33469240⅔ 4-375
Mike Hawkins   233340-105⅓ 215422-6⅓ 321180-176⅔ 2-288⅓
Hadi Kermani 31-600-343⅓       -343⅓

Other results.
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