The 51st Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

We welcomed 10 players to the YMCA for our March tournament. Everyone was available for all sessions, and we played 3 tables of 3, with organiser Mike Tobias playing seat 4 at each table in turn. We played 4 sessions of 20 hands, with the seating arranged so that everybody played 18 hands against everyone else.

The tournament was won by Rob (2487pts), who overtook Torsten (2266) in the final round. Torsten also had the highest session score (889) but as he already had a prize, Alban took the award for his 858, both scored in round 1. A special prize was awarded to Rob for the highest individual hand: 216 for a Grand Hand with 4, Schneider announced, and making Schwarz.

Of the 240 hands, only 3 were passed out which resulted in a fairly high average player score of 889 per 36 hands.

Alban had an eventful day: as well as the 2nd highest session score, he also had the lowest (-108), played the most hands and won the most, but also lost the most and defeated fewest contracts.

Prize winners took away Whisky, Bailey's liqueur, chocolates and an Easter egg.

Results table

Statistics table


Alban Forster352692
Mike Tobias282448
Torsten Sauer262427
Saskia Ottignon2622413
Hadi Kermani2619711
Rob Townsend252329
Mo Ali221846
John McLeod191549
Ioanna Giorgiou161426
Martin Dachsel141317

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