The 52nd Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

We welcomed 12 people to our May tournament at the Lancaster Hall Hotel. We played four 3-player tables in each of the first three sessions (18 hands each), but as Rob had to leave, we played the final session as two 4-player tables (24 hands) and one 3-player (18 hands).

Mo led after the first session, but Mike Hawkins overcame a deficit of over 900 pts to lead at halfway. Mo took over again in session three, and held on to win with 3105 pts, Mike Tobias finishing second on 2852 and Mike Hawkins third, 2654.

Organiser Mike Tobias chose not to take a prize, so Mo and Mike H took the winner and runner up prizes. Miriam took the prize for the hand won against the most matadors, (without 5). Mo, Mike T and Mike H also had the four highest session scores, so a prize instead went to Kai for the highest value hand, a Grand Hand Schneider announced with 4, worth 192.

Prizes were malt whisky, wine and chocolates.

Results table

Statistics table


Mo Ali353146
Mike Hawkins342868
Mike Tobias312838
Kai Kessler252146
Miriam Wagner2419510
Hadi Kermani221667
Marcel J¨nemann191637
Saskia Ottignon181534
Harry Latham171438
Gustavo Schafaschek171437
Peter Biddlecombe141318
Rob Townsend141315

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