The 55th Lancaster Hall Hotel Skat Tournament

Eleven people entered our November tournament, including new player Cynthia Webb, although not everyone could play all day. Organiser Mike Tobias sat out the first two sessions and we played 20 hands at three tables of three, with Harry Latham in the first round, and Alban Forster in the second, making up a floating fourth player. Mike took over as floater in the third session after Cynthia left, but sat out the final session allowing just 12 hands to be played as we were running short on time.

Martin Dachsel won comfortably with 2651 pts , Torsten Sauer 2nd (2111) despite scoring only 79 in one round, and Mo Ali 3rd (1950). A prize was on offer for the hand won against the most matadors, but the minimum without 5 wasn't reached, so the prize instead went to Hadi Kermani for the highest scoring hand: 168.

Despite some low scoring sessions, including three large minuses, the overall scoring was high, with a mean player score of 903 pts per 36 hands. It probably helped that only three hands were passed out all day.

Results table

Statistics table


Torsten Sauer362973
Rob Townsend241865
Hadi Kermani241594
Martin Dachsel212109
Mo Ali211839
Alban Forster211740
Gustav Schafaschek1513212
Mark Jenking-Rees1413113
Ioanna Georgiou121208
Mike Tobias9903
Harry Latham8711
Cynthia Webb8623

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