The 1st Marlborough Arms Synchron-Skat Tournament

The first Marlborough Arms Synchron-Skat Tournament was held on Sunday September 21st 2008.

We welcomed a newcomer to these events, David Zell. At the start, there were 9 entrants, not counting the organiser, Nick Wedd. We played as three tables of three. We had one session of 21 boards before lunch, and another of 21 after lunch, then David had to leave. Nick joined in to make up the numbers, and we played two further sessions, each of 18 boards.

The Marlborough Arms was a new venue for us. They provided a large ground-floor room, which would be able to accommodate seven tables of four players; offered good food and a choice of real beers; and on Sunday, had free street parking immediately outside. I hope we will be able to play here again.

    Round 1   Round 2   Round 3   Round 4   Total
Name table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      MPdiff
Uwe Greiner 127984312.7 116132-9.7 122130-59.7 135484236.7 10480.00
Patrick Cherlet 23396219.3 235824137.0 136284251.3 114200-120.7 10287.00
John McLeod 213922-76.0 215540-68.7 32305432.3 31630489.3 10-23.00
Noel Leaver 317704302.0 125220-106.7 23-40-380.7 324744119.0 8-66.33
Thomas Altebäumer 2249024.7 226102-18.7 215092-94.7 21572231.3 8-77.33
Jackie Damant 112420-226.0 31701478.3 318004196.3 121690-186.0 8-137.33
Clive Aveyard 136104233.3 13521276.0 115020-101.7 231580-153.3 654.33
Nick Wedd   22300227.3 22422267.0 494.33
David Zell 331240-252.7 327544125.3   4-127.33
Chris Beesley 321680-317.3 332320-213.0 335062129.3 332282-83.3 4-484.33

The results listed above correspond to what was handed in on the results sheets. Unfortunately, these contained more errors than usual, including one particularly serious one. For session 2 table 3, the 754, earning four match points, attributed to David Zell in seat 2 should have been 844, and more significantly it should have attributed to Chris Beesley in seat 3; and Chris's score of 232, earning no match points, should have been attributed to David. Thus all other players except those in seat 1 were affected by two match points. Almost all the other players were affected, directly or indirectly. The correct finishing order was Uwe, Thomas, Noel, John, Patrick, Chris, Jackie, Nick, Clive, David.

The winners received prizes of malt whisky, wine, and chocolates.

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