The 2nd British Synchron-Skat Tournament

The second British Synchron-Skat Tournament was held as part of the 2001 Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO5), hosted by Mind Sports Worldwide.

There were five entrants. So, to make the numbers up to six, enough for two tables and Synchron scoring, a "ghost" player was used. In the morning, this was Harold Lee, who was present to compete in another event which began in the afternoon; in the afternoon it was Nick Wedd, who was arbiter for the event.

Four sessions, each of fifteen hands, were played. The results were:

    Round 1   Round 2   Round 3   Round 4   Total
Name tableseatscoreMPdiff tableseatscoreMPdiff tableseatscoreMPdiff tableseatscoreMPdiff MPdiff
  (ghost) 223982172½ 11399215½ 11490232 12338296 8316
John McLeod 11414287 12657240½ 12222181 114350-97 6211½
David Parlett 23242211 13-210-130 214260-32 21629297 4-54
Tony Niccoli 212400-87 225760-40½ 235592211½ 133420-87½ 2-3½
Andre Ghany 132200-11 213680-15½ 22-3400-181 23517287½ 2-120
Anna Fukshansky 12530-172½ 232392130 131360-211½ 221460-96 2-350

As the "ghost" was made up of two people, it was not eligible for a prize. Therefore the gold medal was awarded to John McLeod, the silver to David Parlett, and the bronze (using score difference as a tie-break) to Tony Niccoli. Just as the scoring was completed, Lady Mary Tovey, one of the Mind Sports directors, arrived and awarded the prizes.

The Mind Sports Olympiad includes a pentamind event. The winner of this is the player who accumulates the best set of medals over the whole of the Olympiad. For this purpose, a medal can be won by doing sufficiently well in an event which one does not complete. As Harold Lee, who served as the "ghost" for the first two sessions, earned four MPs in these two sessions, he and David Parlett were considered joint silver medal winners for the purposes of Pentamind scoring.

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