The 15th Young Chelsea Skat Tournament

The 15th Young Chelsea Skat tournament was held on Sunday October 17th 2010.

It was duplikat, but used used a slightly different format from our usual. After each round, instead of grouping the highest-scoring players by table, they were grouped by seat. Thus in the final round, the players with the highest scores were all holding the same hands in seat 1 at each table, and those with the worst scores were all in seat 3 at each table.

We had only six entrants, including two guests from Denmark. The organiser was Nick Wedd. With a small number of fast players, we managed four sessions, each of 24 boards. The only director calls were for mis-pre-dealt hands, generally have two 10-card hands, one 1-card hand, and eleven cards in the skat.

In round three, Michael Wachowiak sat in seat 2 on table 1 and scored 729, while Chris Beesley sat in seat 2 on table 2 and score 490. These scores were accidentally applied incorrectly, with Chris instead of Michael being awarded the 2 MPS and 119½ difference points. The results table below shows the corrected results. The first place was unaffected by the error; all the others were affected, and the second prize was awarded to the player who should have come last (despite his second-highest score difference).

    Round 124 boards   Round 224 boards   Round 324 boards   Round 424 boards   Total
Name table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      table seatscoreMPdiff      MPdiff
Mike Tobias 126732101.5 216930-7.0 2111312279.0 116702159.5 6533.00
Patrick Phair 21582220.0 125110-107.0 231430-30.5 135922118.5 41.00
Beate Schmolinsky 115420-20.0 227252107.0 13204230.5 213510-159.5 4-42.00
Michael Wachowiak 236300-127.0 2345925.5 127292119.5 233550-118.5 4-120.50
Alex Malling 138842127.0 1170727.0 115730-279.0 126500-266.0 4-411.00
Chris Beesley 224700-101.5 134480-5.5 224900-119.5 2211822266.0 239.50


The winners received prizes of malt whisky and chocolates.

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