The 18th Young Chelsea Skat Tournament

The 18th Young Chelsea Skat tournament was held on Sunday April 10th 2011. The organiser was Mike Tobias.

We welcomed 10 players, including 2 newcomers, Mandy and Michael Offel. Mandy made her mark in only the 6th hand with our highest score ever of 216, Grand Hand with 4, Schneider announced, making Schwarz. (4 Jacks, A, A 10, A 10 7).

A system devised by Patrick Phair enabled the organiser to play; we had 3 tables of 3, and a ‘floater’ who played a round (4 boards) at each table in turn. The sessions therefore consisted of 20 boards, with each player playing 18.

Sessions were not seeded, and seating was arranged so that, apart from the floaters, no-one played the same person twice.

The tournament was won comfortably by Beate with a total of 2427, Patrick coming 2nd with 1995, and Mandy coming from a long way behind at halfway, to finish 3rd with 1958.

The prize for the hand won against most matadors went to Joe for a ‘without 5’, John having unsuccessfully attempted a ‘without 8’, and of course Mandy’s 216 won the highest hand prize.

Some interesting stats emerged:-

The floaters in each of the first 3 rounds (Mike, Joe and Patrick), all finished in last place in that session. Beate finished first in hers.

The only two players who made less than 80% of their contracts finished in the first two places, while the only two who made 90% or more finished in the last two places.

Alan who finished bottom, defeated the most contracts with 11.

Mike played a game of two halves, registering the 2nd and 3rd lowest of all the session scores, before winning both of the final 2 rounds with the 2 highest session scores.


The winners received prizes of malt whisky, wine, and chocolates.

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