The 22nd Young Chelsea Skat Tournament

The 22nd Young Chelsea Skat tournament was held on Saturday November 12th 2011. The organiser was Mike Tobias. The hands were all dealt at the table, and were not played Duplikat.

There were initially nine players, including the organiser, so we played as three tables of three. After lunch one player left, and we continued for three more sessions as two tables of four.

The results are summarised in this table:

and some statistics by this one:

Mike commented

Thanks for coming on Saturday. Here are the scores and a few stats from the tournament. The only real significance is how dominant Patrick was, so congratulations to him once more.

Well done to all of the scorers, not a single mistake on any of the scoresheets. The only error was in my adding up where I robbed Alan of two enemy defeats (memo to self, 2+3 does not equal 3), so he won that category even more convincingly.

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