The 25th Young Chelsea Skat Tournament

We welcomed 15 players to our April 15th tournament and played four sessions of 18 boards. The hands were dealt at the table and seating arranged so that no-one played against the same player in different rounds.

Unlike Novemberís non-synchron tournament which was completely dominated by Patrick Phair, this one was very close with 5 players scoring over 2000, and just 12pts separating the top three. The organiser Mike Tobias, won with 2162 pts, and in the best traditions of the BSkA, chose to forgo the prize which instead went to Mark Dunn (2151).

Prize list in full:

Glory onlyMike Tobias2162
1st PrizeMark Dunn2151
2nd PrizeStan Suchy2150
3rd PrizeTom Harloff2041
Best sessionChris Beesley856
*Most enemy defeatsAlex Malling13 (Chris graciously declined a second prize)
Wooden SpoonNick Wedd556

*Awarded instead of 'Hand won against most matadors' and 'Highest value hand' which didn't reach the minimum requirements of without 5 and 168 respectively, John and Stan both having unsuccessfully attempted without 5s. ..

Congratulations to all, especially Tom and Mark in their 2nd and 3rd tournaments respectively.

The results for each round are summarised in this table

and some useful statistics are given in this one.

Other results.
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