The bidding was

NorthEastSouthWest (me)
1C (a)2C (b)2H
3C (c)3D (d)

(a) Announced as "could be short". East asked "could it also be long?", followed by a long conversation centering on the club suit. North and South had played against East before, and everyone at the table will have realised that she had clubs but couldn't bid them because our agreement is that 2C is Michaels.

(b) Alerted. (Michaels, showing both majors; but no-one asked.)

(c) "No, I've really got clubs". But this is unauthorised information for me.

(d) 3C is a new suit at the 3 level (?), forcing (?). Partner can correct to 3H.

Our opponents made their four cashing aces. But with the ruffing finesse in clubs, the sK as an entry to dummy, and imperfect defense, I was able to make a spade, four trumps and four clubs, for a double game swing against the room.

I later realised that we'd still have got a top if I'd gone down two. So the scoring system gave us no credit for the care I put into making this 13-point game. I've had a prejudice against MP scoring ever since. :-J

This is one of a few hands I've particularly enjoyed, listed here.