IMPs scoring.

The bidding was

NorthEast (me)SouthWest
1N (a)2N

(a) 12-14

Leading from my 9xxx looked unpromising – from the bidding partner has at most two points, and leading through her possible cQ won't help. Leading from a major suit when the opponents have bid no-trumps directly rather than using Stayman or a transfer can be good. Leading from an AK would give me a look at dummy while probably giving nothing away. So I lead the hA. Partner encouraged with her 5 (not superficially encouraging; but the 4 3 and 2 must be somewhere). I continued with hK and h8. Partner took three tricks and set the contract with her 1-point hand!

Declarer was a strong player with an NGS of 64, which made it more rewarding. There was nothing wrong with his bidding or play; but giving a bad score to a strong player is better than giving one to a pigeon.

This is one of a few hands I've particularly enjoyed, listed here.