It's the bidding that was remarkable on this hand. I don't have a record of the deal, nor of the play.

The bidding was

Pass2H (a)2D (b)Pass
2H (c)3H (d)Pass4H (e)

(a) The bidding so far is completely sane, and was probably duplicated at most of the other tables in the room. However RHO placed her 2H bidding card directly over her 1H bidding card, concealing it.

(b) I could see only one bid from each opponent. I somehow concluded from this that the bidding was at the 1-level and I was in the passout seat. I didn't want them stealing the contract at the 1-level, so I stretched a bit and found an overcall.

(c) Shows good support for diamonds.

I alerted the 2H bid. RHO asked me what it meant. I wittered incoherently for a while (though I knew the meaning of the bid). I was aware that no sense was coming out of my mouth. My excuse is that some of my brain was occupied by the suspicion that something had gone wrong somewhere.

Partner eventually saved our opponents from listening to my witterings by saying "shows good support for diamonds". RHO complained about his informing me of what his bid meant. Partner agreed, and called the director.

The director was busy at another table. While we waited, I noticed RHO's eyes follow the bidding around the table. She then pulled her 1H bid out from under her 2H bid, and accused me and partner of both making insufficient bids. Partner suggested the the director could also deal with this when he arrived.

When he did arrive, RHO reported the insufficient bids. The director ruled, correctly, that my bid was insufficient but had been condoned by LHO, and partner's bid of 2H was sufficient. He asked for play to continue. He had further calls to deal with, and did not ask "is there anything else I can do for you today?"

(d) I think this showed a sixth heart.

(e) Overestimating the strength his partner's biddding sequence has shown.

4H was two off, a good result for us.

Since then, I have always taken care to ensure that my bidding cards are laid out clearly and correctly.

This is one of a few hands I've particularly enjoyed, listed here.