This was played in the club's annual "individual" event, There were 32 players, and we played 31 boards, with each pair playing together once. To avoid system discussions, we were all obliged to play the same agreements, and issued with a card for simple Acol. This was our last board of the event.

The bidding was

SouthWest (me)NorthEast
1N (a)6N (b)

(a) 12-14.

(b) Normally a quantitative 4N would be better. But it was not permittted by the system card.

I have 10 solid tricks, and can hope for more from (1) the spade finesse, (2) a 3-3 spade split, and (3) the club queen, if South has the king and doesn't play it when I lead low from dummy.

If I try the spade finesse first and lose to the queen, then South will know to cash his club king when I lead a small club from dummy. So I tried for the club trick first, got away with it, and tried the spade finesse which failed. But spades were 3-3, so I had by 12 winners. I played the diamonds carefully, and for trick 13 I led the 6 to dummy's 7.

So, on the 403rd and final trick of the session, I simultaneously made a slam and a beer – a most satisfying end to a long day.

This is one of a few hands I've particularly enjoyed, listed here.