The Skatordnung

(International Laws of Skat)

Drawn up and authorised by the Deutsche SkatVerband (DSkV) and the International Skat-Players Association e.V. (ISPA-World), and adopted by the British Skat Association

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Tournament rules
References and Contacts
This English version, prepared January 2001 in consultation with John McLeod and Nick Wedd, is not entirely a literal translation, but seeks to reproduce faithfully all the provisions of the German-language original in their entirety, and follows the same paragraph numbering for ease of comparison. In some cases I have added explanatory notes that the German original left unsaid (for example, the last sentence of 5.3.4 is my addition), and in others (notably 4.4.2) I have expressed the relevant rule in a simpler and less long-winded manner.

David Parlett, London 2001