The 5th "Rising Sun" Synchron-Skat Tournament: Pictures

These pictures were taken by Patrick Phair at the British Skat Association's Synchron Skat event, held in the Rising Sun, Cloth Fair, London EC1 on Saturday November 27th 2004.

Graham Parlett.

Chris Beesley.

Near table, left to right:
Nils Becker-Birk, Jonathan Norris.

Middle table, left to right:
Jeffrey Burton, Gisela Harrison, David Parlett.

Far table, left to right:
Linus Fontaine, Patrick Cherlet, Nick Wedd.

John McLeod.

Near table, left to right:
Mike Tobias, Jeffrey Burton, Patrick Cherlet.

Other table:
John Priscott.

Patrick Cherlet.

Mike Tobias

Clive Aveyard, David Parlett.

Graham Parlett, with his first prize.

Synchron results.
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